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Trace Converter v2.2

Trace Converter v2.2 Convert SQL trace file to Excel file

Product Version   Trace Converter v2.2  *New*

Purpose   Trace Converter v2.2 converts SQL Profiler trace file (.trc) / SQL trace table to Excel file (.xlsx or .xls)

Target Database  Microsoft SQL Server 2008, SQL 2008 R2

- Converts SQL 2008, 2008/R2 Profiler Trace File (.trc) to Excel Open Xml (.xlsx) or Excel 2003-2007 file format (.xls)
- Trace Converter supports large trace file.
- Trace Converter converts SQL Profiler Trace Table to Excel.
- Trace Converter translates Binary trace column data to Excel.

How to use
Here is how to convert test.trc to test.xlsx file :
   C> TraceConverter.exe  test.trc  test.xlsx

Here is how to convert a trace table to test.xlsx file :
   C> TraceConverter.exe /t server.pubs.dbo.Trace1  test.xlsx

Note For SQL 2012 trace file, please use Trace Converter for SQL 2012

Note For SQL 2005 trace file, please use Trace Converter for SQL 2005